Why Spray Foam

Why are we such promoters of spray foam? Here’s why!

Insulation technology has made some fantastic progress over the most recent couple of decades. A spray foam insulation system has noteworthy ecological advantages over ordinary protection, and its presentation and energy efficiency evaluations are unparalleled. Spray Foam is superior protection that combines building science technology with design performance.

Here are our main three reasons why we suggest spray foam insulation for our clients.

Energy efficiency
Spray foam insulation delivers optimal energy efficiency by controlling vitality-robbing air spillages. Your heater and cooling hardware doesn't need to buckle down, and it could permit you to install smaller, more affordable HVAC gear. Spray foam insulation won't sag or settle in your walls after some time, so holds its rated R-value through the duration of your structure. With a structure's standard extension and contracting, adaptable spray foam sticks constantly to your walls, so air holes can't develop. We've seen consistently that spray foam insulation diminishes energy costs by up to 50% when compared with regular insulation.

Healthier air
Spray foam insulation is a more beneficial option in contrast to conventional insulation. It is a water-based item containing none of the harmful chemicals and gases frequently connected with other insulation. By totally fixing the structure envelope, spray foam insulation gives a defensive boundary forestalling allergens, dust and mould spores from entering the home. This can decrease the effect of well-being conditions like asthma and hypersensitivities. By limiting air penetration, spray foam also reduces the measure of airborne dampness that can bring about the buildup and the development of mould.

Peace and quiet
Spray foam not just gives obstruction against air spillage, its superior characteristics also assist control with noising inside and outside a structure. Tired of hearing running water or vibrating pipes each time a toilet is flushed or bath is drained? Need to make a play zone or home theatre with an astonishing sound plan that won't upset the remainder of the family? Road commotion, planes, traffic. Don't worry about it; spray foam transforms living and working rooms into harmonious spaces.


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Still not convinced? Here are some other examples of why we love spray foam insulation.
No more hard-to-insulate areas.At the point when you use spray foam, homes or building plans that have creative architectural highlights like arches, church, domed or vaulted ceilings no longer pose insulation challenges. Rim joists that help floors are famously challenging to protect with traditional strategies, prompting cold/warm spots and higher energy bills. Spray foam protection makes an air obstruction by filling all holes, sticks to surrounding materials and conveys ideal R-value all in one step. It's also suitable for steel-framed homes since it expands to occupy all spaces that exist between metal stud wall systems. That thumps conventional insulation hands-down.
Hello insulation efficiency – goodbye leakage and high energy bills.Up to 40% of a home's energy is lost through uncontrolled air spillage. Openings around plumbing, vents and electrical service entries are responsible for 17% of that. Regular protection (fibreglass or cellulose) doesn't work superbly of halting air spills since it sags and settles after some time. Regardless of whether your warm air is spilling out your home, or cold air and drafts are entering your home, don't let poor quality insulation waste your energy and cause distress, dampness and air quality issues. Spray foam protection – joined with climate stripping, plastic window film and caulking – can make ground-breaking obstructions and seal holes for an entire home solution that forestalls your well-deserved cash from leaking away.
Moisture in your house causes damage, increased costs and reduced air quality.
Dampness travels through the walls of your home by air, so insulation that controls air development can help oversee dampness and make a more beneficial home. Moisture develops inside a home through everyday exercises like cooking and showering. On the off chance that hot, damp air is caught in a home, your climate control system works more diligently to eliminate humidity, expanding cooling costs. Excess moisture not properly eliminated can lead to mold issues. We suggest a mix of spray foam insulation to make an air boundary to stop buildup on inside walls, alongside ventilation to get natural air to help dispose of overabundance dampness.

Older building or home? Update easily with new technology.
Over our forty years in the business, Sunny South Insulators has created innovative methods of infusing spray foam into more established structures with hard-to-get-to nooks and crannies. Mortgage holders receive the reward of increased insulation R-value at a much lower cost than finishing a full-scale remodel. Spray foam lessens energy costs, upgrades soundproofing, improves indoor air quality and won't harm existing walls.

Need to know more? Ask one of our Sunny South insulation specialists. They can share more about their love for spray foam as a demonstrated answer for your home or building.

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